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Suzuki Carry Truck

Kenneth's Web Page

I have decided to list this truck for sale.  Everything works well. The only reason I am selling it is because I bought another unit with AC.  I have over $5000 invested in the truck, but I will take $4500 which is what I gave for the 2nd truck.   If you wish to use the truck off road I will replace the atv tires for $250 more. The truck will be sold with a bill-of-sale only....  Give me call for more information.
Kenneth Winter
The truck is in Tazewell TN, near Knoxville TN.

Side view with ATV tires and two inch lift kit installed

Note the crate that the engine came in.. What a job..

Truck with new street tread tires and lift removed
Geo Metro wheel just fit..The ATV tires roared very loudly.

Here is the truck at its first micro car gathering
We drove around 50 miles with no problems. Check out the Subaru truck.

Micro car ride stopped for breakfast
I love to watch peoples faces when the see our cars.

What a neat little vehicle...
The story I am told is that this truck started its life in Japan.   It then moved to the Philippines were it was purchased by an American that married a Philipinno woman.  Upon returning to the US he brought two similar trucks home to use a support vehicles at the drag strip.  This unit was eventually sold to a man in Maine who did not have the ability to reassemble the truck.  The engine and transmission were in boxes and the interior was full of drive line and mis. engine parts.
Early in 2004 for the truck traveled to East TN.
I spent several months gathering information about the vehicle and hours reassembling the vehicle.  Todate the following has been done:
Set the valve clearances
Cleaned the clutch plates
Installed new cam and crank Seals
Installed a new Water pump
A new timing belt
Painted the block
New serpentine belt
New plugs, wires and distributor cap
Rebuilt the 4x4 vacuum servo
Replaced a steering joint and drive shaft joint
Rebuilt the rear brake cylinders
Checked the brakes, pads and new fluids
Changed all fluids
Rebuilt the radiator 3 times
Added new street profile tires...Geo Metro wheels fit
Added furry leapard print seat covers...Fun
Installed a 3 foot Teddy bear as a passenger
New fuel pump
Changed the Super charger oil
New vacumm lines
In August 2004 we took the truck to the Outer Banks of NC.  We had a ball driving it on the beach.  People either smiled or stared in amazment when went by in the loose sand.
I finally got to drive the truck in the snow.  Wow, it went well even with street tires.

Note the smorgasbord of parts piled into the cab.

These seat covers combined with the 4 foot teddy gets lots of laughs.

Here is the truck towing a heavy load...;o)

You can play with two toys at once!

Specs :Engine - F5A - 3 cylinder, 543cc with a surprise.
           That's right it is about 1/2 of a Geo metro motor. 
           Transmission...5 speed with transfer case/extra low 
           4x4 drive 
Can you guess what that is in the photo below.?.
This feature is what peaked my interest in the whole project. I estimate a 20% power increase..

Check out this Massive 543cc power house.

Purr.. It runs like a box of squirels.

To date I have driven the truck about 2000 Kilometers.. With 88,000K total.
I have built a small trailer to pull behind the truck for car shows and plan to install a 6' teddy bear into the trailer.
It is a hilarious to see peoples faces when the see the truck.  They often do a double take when the see the truck with me on the passengers side.
So far the most difficult part is shifting with my left hand.  Other than that it has been a blast.
Please contact me if you have any questions.