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Corbin Sparrow powered by Honda

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powered by a Honda Silverwing FSC600

CVT automatic transmissuion with Fuel injection

Removable power unit mated to body

Leather Seat, wiring with remote start and trunk opener

scooter instrument cluster installed in dash with CD and AC controls from a Toyota four runner

Finished car October 2010 - 500 milles driven

Check out the laminar airflow release dimples ...

Begin a fan of anything with an engine, my desire was to have an enclosed, single seater, with modern features to drive in the rainy season when the motorcycle is not feasible.
As a motorcycle and sidecar rider, three wheels are not a new thing to me. This car was not even my first converted car. After building several sidecars, I built a 1956 BMW Isetta powered with a Honda Helix scooter engine/trans. It features electric reverse, cabin heat, stereo and many other thing not available on a 1950's German car.
A few photos are here:
My last project combined a modern fiber glass/monocock cockpit with a modern engine and transmission. The use of manufacturer designed sub components saved hours of engineering and provide access to parts to facilitate long term viability of the vehicle.
Yes it is a one off car, but the goal was to have a dependable daily driver not custom show piece. The Honda engine/trans are installed as a power unit that can be removed as a sub component for service and repair.

The construction of the driver compartment is similar to the composite construction of the motorcycle helmet...As such NO helmet is required, even though DOT categorizes the vehicle as a motorcycle due to its three wheel design.

Since its completion in June 2010, it has been driven 900 miles. The current features in the car are:
electronic ignition
fuel injection
CVT automatic transmission
full instrumentation( silverwing cluster plus others)
Willwood racing brake components
CD player
Color back up camera
Cabin heat/defrost (AC upon rebuild)
Remote start, Remote lock, remote front and rear hatch opener
LED cabin lighting.

The redesign plans for the winter are to install the electric reverse and AC

PS.. there are two other car nuts like me...
One powered his Corbin with a 500C cc Kawasaki Ninja engine and the other uses a front mounted diesel engine driving the rear wheel with a hydraulic forklift motor.

Ahhh to be different.

Kenneth Winter

If you know anyone who can appreciate such a vehicle, please give them my number and email. 423-526-1328 or email

The bike is located in Tazewell TN, which is 40 miles North of Knoxville TN. Look for the convergence points of TN, KY and VA to find Tazewell, TN. Edit

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