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SOLD 1956 BMW Isetta Project vehicle for sale SOLD

Kenneth's Web Page

This car went to its new home in Maryland in 2005.
Good luck NICK.
These first photos are of the car when we brought it home. 
To those of you with Isettas the process starts the same for most people.
My goal was to clean up the car and enjoy it as an orginal car..... 
 It all started with ;
well it will be easier to check out the brakes with the body off,
well now I could paint the frame,
well now I could tune up the engine,
well I should reseal the chain case,
well I should replace the tired rubber parts.
well, well, well...."   Famous last words..
I have spent that last two years removing EVERY bolt and repainted every part. 
With the excuse of wanting a driving isetta, I have bought 2 more cars since I started this project. 
 With another running Isetta and a new Ultralite I have no time to finish this project
I am offering this great project car to someone else with more free time.
The asking price of $8500 is the amount I have spent on the car to this point and places no value on the 100's of hours I have spent on the car.
Give me a call if you need a good project
Kenneth Winter
423-526-1328 cell phone

Here is the little car coming home in 2002

Here is a photo from the rear.

Here is the frame and engine after a good cleaning.

Listed here are photos of the car after work began.

Painted frame and steering components.

Painted steering components

I spent 30 hours repainting the steering wheel and controls.

Body being cleaned and readied for repairs

Here is a partial list of what has been done:
Frame painted. POR 15
All bolt on parts media blasted and painted
Body work 85 % complete
Chain case rebuild.
Engine disassembled and inspected
Transmission disassemble and inspected
I have over $2000 in new parts already purchased for the car.
Look at the other Isetta that I just finished to see the level of attention to detail I push my self towards. I rebuilt and detailed the engine in the other car.

Engine Break down for inspection and rebuild

New front fender

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